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Here comes Santa Clause

27 Nov

it is finally starting to feel like the holidays up in here! Florida is still really hot, so this afternoon the thought of putting up the christmas tree seemed ridiculous.

then, around 6, bryan, olivia and i headed to the new super walmart.  we were waaay too excited for a super walmart, but it was really fun.   first, we picked out an ornament – a new forand family tradition.  we went with a nice sparkle filled silver church that represents our upcoming wedding.

then we shopped.  and shopped.  i knew i was in trouble when bryan insisted we get a cart.  we ended up getting supplies to make homemade sugar cookies.

add some baking, christmas station on pandora and some tree trimming and i was in the holiday spirit in no time! the tree is up, i can finally say that i have made cookies from scratch and i got to spend some quality time with the family

christmas 2011 here we come!


My dearest pumpkin

26 Nov

there is something about this time of year.  mania sets in – pumpkin mania.

all year i am like – pumpkin who?  then october comes around and i just cannot get enough.  pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins.

i think this year i have eaten a whole family of pumpkins and  i am not even done.

when will the mania end? christmas? valentines day?  i am not sure.

sorry pumpkins.  i am coming for you